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Sumit Kumar Tiwari

Sumit Kumar Tiwari

Solution Architect - Digital Transformation

Technical Architecture
Machine first approach
Banking/Digital Thinking/Design Systems/Digital Workspace
30 years old
São Paulo Brazil
Consultant Available
I have strong faith, that most of the thing around us not happen by coincidence almost every event has a reason behind it. The moment you know it, you can decide, act, react or even connect the right way at the right time. I strongly believe in smart-work and need to apply tricks and techniques to attack issues. Patience and perseverance is the key to success. Think sky is the limit and keep on working; nothing will stop to be in the top.

8+ years of experience, in various projects of digital transformations area.
  • Responsibility to work all the core digital team of the banks in Brazil and help them to transform there business in Business 4.0 Framework
  • Design Thinking, Mobile Solutions, Analytics, Prediction using ML and open banking solution are the key are of focus.
  • Supporting teams for implementing digital work space and Enterprise Agility for smooth for better and transparent business workflow.
  • Responsibility to design and development of Internet and Mobile SDK to be used across various application inside ITAÚ LATAM.
  • Implement the SDK to reduce the time and cost for the development of apps. Focus on Usability, Accessibility and Security of the applications.
  • Supporting the pre-sales and business development team of TCS Digital in Latin America region with technical solutions and offerings of the RFPs and new contracts..
  • Has extensive experience in the mobility domain. Supporting with various solutions including microservices, mobile solutions and providing solutions for web UI SDK
  • An advocate of comprehensively bringing the benefits of mobility & other digital forces to the enterprise-side and consumer facing-side of our customers across various industries.
  • Engaged in design of mobile application based on native platform both on iOS and Android
  • Designing the middleware services and improving the Ethical Hacking solutions for more security of the app
  • creating and adding balancer for the server and routing through secure firewall
  • Engaged in the development for new version of the mobile application for PRIMA AFP (A Credit Corp Company) in Lima Peru(With a team of 10 person). Engaged en designing the architecture for better performance of the APP. Revising the mobile services and improving for better response time. Adding more balance both on server and Data Power.
    Improving the Agility skill by shadowing the role for SCRUM Master.
  • Developed a spring based Java applcation, including desiging and developing for all layer of the application. Implementation of security features.
  • It's an crucial application that has been
    developed in a very short span of time to ensure the business growth for the client.
  • I was a technical leader for the project of BCP, which is the largest provider of banking and financial services in Peru. The regular task contains the full architectural development of the frontend layer.
  • I have the primary responsibility for design entire front end development and provide UI Components for rapid and scalable development. The configuration based components can create on fly structure that would be easily integrated in any part of UI screen.
  • The fully scalable grid components can easily be integrated with any services and create a dynamic grid (dynamic columns and datatype , i.e. can be any type of data) and consumes the services for the rendering the contains of the grid.
  • File components, popup-models, confirmations, alert-box, notification bar, message banner for validation and errors etc. All these components are easy to use and configurable for the events handler. In the application , has to write very less boilerplate code
  • Reviewing the mobile app code and provide the relevant changes for the better app performance
  • Reviewing the middleware and domain services based on monolithic architecture.
  • Provided the solution based on hexagonal architecture that help client towards migration of their services to cloud platform.
  • I have been involved in the assesetment of the mobile project for the client. I have been involved with review of the core services and entire architechture.
  • I have provided the right solutio and architecture for the enterprise for the better performance fo the app.
  • To write MTTs (Model to TEXT Transformation). Using this compliers I was writing techniques code for hybrid mobile and responsive web design applications
  • Intergrated many phonegap extension for android native features
  • Includes Model to text transform. Support model merging and model versioning.
  • Used BPMN for provides Life cycle Management, Role Based, Component Based and Distributed Application Development environment
  • TCS Hy5 Canvas™ is a full-featured mobile application development platform that helps you design, code, and publish hybrid mobile applications that include middleware services to integrate with your critical backend systems. It can be deployed in the cloud as well as on-premise. TCS Hy5 Canvas™ has three components that take care of every aspect of mobile application development – TCS Hy5 Canvas Studio, middleware services, and client-side runtime components.
  • I was working with the in store application for a US based retailer Target, which is (simply as Target) is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States.
  • worked with Agile-Scrum methodology as the process for the development
  • Created an end to end UI development for angular including setting up the project using all these different modules. Included task manager for automatic deploying the SASS and running unit testusing Jasmine with Grunt and npm for installing the dependency for the application
  • Integrated the application with Jasmine Unit test framework and Protractor JS for E2E scenario test
  • Written custom Services and directives for all modules
  • Implemented mediator design pattern for a single context for the whole application
  • Implemented Dependency injection features
  • Given training to the various vendors about Angular JS and its capability
  • This project is to incrementally re-mediate in current store mobile core applications that run on existing PDAs and LPDAs, with applications that run on new mobile devices such as iPod and Android devices and web portals. Customer has prioritized the applications, focusing on most used by the largest group of Team members at
    store on the areas of different modules aiming one device to support multiple capabilities for team members
    and to improve team member experience to service the
  • I have completed various small application to showcase the mobility capabilities in various platform like Blackberry, Android, Hybrid apps using phonegap or sencha touch.
  • Scrum
  • TDD
  • Java (in-depth knowledge of Java and its framework like Spring/Hibernate)
  • SpringBoot
  • Jenkins
  • Spring
  • Gradle
  • Node JS
  • JavaScript
  • React / Redux / React Native
  • Angular
  • Unit Test
  • Android Development
  • Phonegap
  • Appium
  • ML algorithms
  • Computer Vision
  • Neural Network and Deep Learning
  • Hadoop Map reduce and YARN
  • Apache PIG
  • Apache Splunk
  • HDFS
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Kafka

Bachelor of Technology

MCKV Institute of Engineering

August 2006 to June 2010
I have done my engineering in Computer science field. It was the year 2010, when I completed my courses and got campus selected for TCS. The excitment to learn new technology makes me awake everyday.


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Hindi


  • Tracking
  • Scuba diving


  • Badminton
  • Football


  • I have visited some plcaes in LATIN America while working here. I had travelled some place like Rio de janeiro, Buenos Aires, while working in Mobntevideo, Uruguay.
  • Currently I am based out of Lima, Peru. I have been visied most of the beautiful surrounding across the andes valley specially machu picchu. The amazing experince of AMAZONAS, north of PERU, all these places are amazing and beautiful.
  • I would like to travel all around the Europe.